23 March, 2022

Elcomsoft System Recovery 8.20: Bootable Forensic Tools and Windows 11 Support

ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. updates Elcomsoft System Recovery, a bootable tool for imaging and analyzing Windows computers on the go, accessing encrypted volumes and extracting encryption metadata. The new release adds new forensic tools to help experts analyze computer systems in the field, and brings support for computers running Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022.

“The already powerful tool is now evolving into a feature-rich bootable forensic toolkit”, says Vladimir Katalov, Elcomsoft CEO. “The new release makes field analysis faster and more straightforward while still producing court admissible evidence with write-blocking disk imaging.”

Bootable Forensic Tools

The new forensic tools allow reviewing the list of installed apps (system-wide), analyze the users’ timeline and access the list of recently accessed files and folders. These tools can be launched instantly from the bootable drive and are designed to speed up investigations by shortcutting the lengthy disk imaging and analysis process.

The Timeline tool allows reviewing the user’s activities logged by the Windows Timeline. This includes the list of launched apps and past activities laid out in the convenient timeline view. Another tool lists recently accessed files and folder, while the last one lists applications installed in the system.

Thanks to these new analysis features, experts can simply boot a PC from a USB flash drive and quickly review the user’s latest activities. The shortcut saves the time and effort of removing and imaging the hard drive(s), making it possible to make real-time decisions in the field.

About Elcomsoft System Recovery

Elcomsoft System Recovery is a digital triage tool for examining computers in the field. The tool helps overcome the challenge of accessing a locked system, delivering a straightforward workflow for investigating computers in the field. Elcomsoft System Recovery helps access information in encrypted disks and encrypted virtual machines, extract passwords and access encrypted file systems.

About ElcomSoft Co. Ltd.

Founded in 1990, ElcomSoft Co.Ltd. is a global industry-acknowledged expert in computer and mobile forensics providing tools, training, and consulting services to law enforcement, forensics, financial and intelligence agencies. ElcomSoft pioneered and patented numerous cryptography techniques, setting and exceeding expectations by consistently breaking the industry’s performance records. ElcomSoft is Microsoft Certified Partner (Silver competency), and Intel Software Premier Elite Partner.


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