Elcomsoft Mobile, Desktop and Premium forensic bundles

We have officially rolled out the new range of software bundles while discontinuing the old ones. Corporate and law enforcement customers are encouraged to contact their local reseller or ElcomSoft sales team for details on the pricing and contents of the new bundles.

Everyday work of a digital forensic specialists requires the use of multiple tools. ElcomSoft product range consists of dozens of different tools applicable to different parts of the expert’s workflow. We packaged these tools into several bundles, offering mobile and computer forensic specialists a straightforward purchase experience at a reduced price. For many years, we featured Mobile Forensic Bundle and Password Recovery Bundle in Standard and Forensic editions. Based on our customers’ feedback, we are now refreshing the bundles.

With this update, we are replacing the previous range of software packages with three new bundles. Effective immediately, Mobile Forensic Bundle, Password Recovery Bundle Standard and Password Recovery Bundle Forensic are discontinued. Instead, the following new bundles are available:

Elcomsoft Mobile Forensic Bundle

The content of the Mobile Forensic Bundle remains unchanged, with just a nominal price adjustment.

Elcomsoft Desktop Forensic Bundle

The updated, deeply discounted Desktop Forensic Bundle is based on the current Forensic edition of the Password Recovery Bundle, and includes every tool we have for recovering passwords and decrypting data. The new Desktop Forensic Bundle is available at less than half the price of the original Forensic edition it replaces, and includes significantly more tools compared to the similarly priced Standard edition.

Elcomsoft Premium Forensic Bundle

Finally, the all-new Premium Forensic Bundle includes every tool we ship in the first two bundles. All tools are provided in their respective top (Forensic) editions, for both Windows and Macs. You are more than welcome to contact us for marketing materials, complete price lists and detailed contents of the new bundles.

Many customers have a strong preference for purchasing a single SKU. By bundling multiple tools together, we’re not just slashing the purchase price, but also relieving the headache of having to synchronize a bunch of different licenses at the time of renewal. The new bundles are offered at a significant discount compared to the price of individual tools included with each bundle. Offering some of the best feature sets on the market, Elcomsoft forensic bundles represent great value while offering some unique functionality that’s simply not available elsewhere.

We are offering a straightforward upgrade path to the users of our existing bundles. Discounted update packages are available for existing customers.

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