The 500th post in our blog

Today, we posted the 500th article in our blog. We started blogging more than 11 years ago, in March 2009, to bring our readers the latest in industry information, technical tips, white papers, how-to articles, and more. Eleven and a half years later, our blog has become one of the most reputable sources of information in digital forensics.

We started our blog more than eleven years ago. The first post we made was about Distributed Password Recovery and GPU acceleration. At that time, we even did not do mobile or cloud forensics. We never planned to be a pure marketing instrument. Instead, we tried providing our readers with information that is rarely published and never mentioned in the marketing materials or even user manuals. Tips & tricks, step by step instructions, our view on some security and forensic news and challenges, results of our research and much more.
Reaching the number of 500 posts has helped us attract a monthly audience of over a million visitors. Our readers come from all over the world, and use computers and mobile devices in a nearly 50-50 proportion.

We want to thank our loyal subscribers for being with us. Please continue to check our blog for new content, as we post regularly several times a week. Make sure to check out the tags cloud to narrow down the content to your area of interest.

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